Network of domestic pharmacists

Network of domestic pharmacists (Udruženje DOMAĆI APOTEKARI - mreža apoteka in Serbian) was founded in 2022 as a follower of the Association of Serbian Private Pharmacies with the idea to assist private pharmacies in solving the problems they were facing and with the aim to make all pharmacies, big or small, equal.

Today’s activities of the Network involve the following:

  • improving cooperation with all relevant entities within the pharmaceutical sector, which represents a significant factor in proposing new and amending existing regulations, all with the aim of establishing harmonization with the practice of the most developed countries;
  • organizing continuing education and training for pharmacists and technicians that will enable them to perform their activities in accordance with the law and the principles of the Good Pharmacy Practice;
  • working towards creating an optimal business atmosphere and conditions within the Serbian pharmaceutical sector.

Network of domestic pharmacies has been in a close cooperatio with the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) – the largest organization of pharmacists and European pharmacies. PGEU provides us with necessary information regarding European laws and practice within the pharmaceutical area and activities.


Our mission is to:

Create good business conditions within the Serbian healthcare sector which will ensure equality for the pharmaceutical profession, as well as for the pharmacists as competent, expert healthcare professionals who perform their business activities independently and in accordance with the principles of the Good Pharmacy Practice.


Our aims are as follows:

  • Preservation of pharmacists’ professional interests
  • Establishing a pharmaceutical practice doctrine
  • Improvement of pharmacists’ professional work and activities
  • Humanitarian aid and actions
  • Cooperation with associations within the country, abroad and within the EU
  • Maintaining compliance with the laws, rules and regulations, guidelines and decisions of the authorities
  • Good Pharmacy Practice
  • Implementation of positive regulations in practice.


Planned activities:

In the near future, the Network of domestic pharmacies plans to establish cooperation with the relevant entities within the pharmaceutical sector, to welcome new members, to organize continuing education for pharmacists that will enable them to perform their activities in accordance with the law and the principles of the Good Pharmacy Practice, to engage authorities and experts with the aim of analyzing the existing and proposing the new regulations within the pharmaceutical business and activities.